BFM® fitting is a revolutionary, snap-in, flexible connector and spigot that eliminates the problems associated with traditional hose clamp systems.

BFM®s patented connectors provide superior performance:

  • 100% sealed, no mess, no leaks
  • Seals tighter under pressure
  • No product build-up means better hygiene
  • No tools required for fitting
  • Snap-in design makes installation easy
  • Standardised connector sizes mean you need to keep less stock

our suppliers

BFM® fitting of New Zealand, are global manufactures of a range of patented and protected (2006) BFM® connectors, B FM® spigots, BFM® covers, BFM® blanking caps and BFM® blanking socks that help transform the traditional manufacturing environment. Available in a variety of materials for a huge range of applications, BFM®‘s most popular Seeflex connectors are 3A approved, and conform with FDA, EC and ATEX regulations.
PROSPARE of Nottingham, helps companies who handle powders, granular and bulk raw materials to improve manufacturing processes. With expertise gained through over 50 years experience we understand how to improve Efficiency, Productivity, Quality, Safety and Environmental performance.
Their range of materials handling equipment and cleaning systems are designed to take cost out of the manufacturing process and maximise effectiveness of production equipment.